Not counting VND 11,000 billion in VinFast car prices continues to "cause storms" when becoming the first automaker to announce a specific cost structure of cars. "With the current selling price, VinFast is accepting a loss of nearly VND 300 million per vehicle so that customers can buy the Lux A2.0 standard version with a" 3 No "price plus a preferential price of VND 1,099 billion," Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Permanent Deputy General Director of VinFast said. VinFast representative further informed, the Lux A2.0 standard version at the moment has the original cost when shipped is 980.6 million. However, the car is subject to an additional 40% excise tax (equivalent to 285.5 million) and 10% VAT (126.6 million). With a total of 412.1 million taxes, the actual price of the car sold must be at 1,392 billion. While the market price is 1,099 billion dong, VinFast is losing nearly 300 million dong for every Lux A2.0 sold. Similarly, the loss of the remaining 2 models of cars is Lux SA2.0, VND 169 million and Fadil VND 106 million.

Vingroup dồn tổng lực cho VinFast

Explaining the production and business costs of Vinfast cars, Van Anh said that nearly all components of the car are imported, VinFast is also subject to the same taxes as all automakers. other vehicles. Therefore, if the car price is high, if it doesn't suffer the loss, it will not be able to cover the market's identity as well as bring customers the best price products. By investing heavily in VinFast, both building factories and developing products, Vingroup is also accepting to spend a huge investment. According to the financial report, as of September 30, Vingroup has contributed nearly 13,000 billion dong of VinFast capital. This is the second largest investment of Vingroup, only behind Vinhomes with a value of nearly 23,000 billion VND. In order for Vietnamese consumers to benefit, each year VinFast also estimates about VND 11,000 billion of depreciation and financial costs to invest in the factory, interest on investment loans …Accepting out of the safety circle CEO Vingroup Nguyen Viet Quang once said: "Investment in the automotive sector is highly risky, so the rating of credit rating agencies is inevitable. So, if you don't want to be downgraded, the only way is not to implement this project. " Accepting out of the safety circle for real estate, tourism, and services alone, Vingroup has made strong steps never before seen in the automotive industry. In terms of investment, the economic benefits in the first phase are not immediately seen, but experts agree with the potential of vehicle consumption in Vietnam in the future and towards export, VinFast is very promising.

Vingroup dồn tổng lực cho VinFast

Moreover, each car manufacturing enterprise can be a leverage to promote hundreds and thousands of other auxiliary businesses, thereby raising the localization rate in the country. That will probably happen in the near future, when the VinFast car manufacturing complex in Cat Hai fills the gap by component manufacturers. As production autonomy increases, it means that domestic car prices like VinFast may decrease. Vingroup is persistent for the desire to build a Vietnamese car brand, accepting sacrificing immediate benefits for long-term goals. Vingroup also did not hide its dream that Vietnam would someday be able to do like South Korea, when going to the road, it would see most of the domestic brand of transport vehicles.

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