When the Audi A8 ran through the puddle, the tires immediately sent an alert to the connection center and the Q8 running behind received the information.

The Italian brand Pirelli's new product on two Audi cars incorporates a penny-sized disc containing a sensor, processor and electronics.

The disk monitors critical parameters and sends it to the vehicle's central control unit (ECU) as well as nearby vehicles.

Lốp ôtô kết nối Internet

Pirelli tires connected via 5G network. Photo: Pirelli

This also means that the tire has a pressure sensor, tire wear, temperature, a sense of water or freezing pavement.

All information will be sent to ECU, with warnings such as "wet pavement", or "ice detection", or "heavy trucks, increased pre-set load", "traction may be affected. ".

From there, the car can determine what to do with the engine, custom traction control system, or suspension.

Even tires can send the "slow down" signal, helping the vehicle to slow down to a safe level before running into wet roads.

Lốp ôtô kết nối Internet

Tires can send data and alerts to the ECU, helping to slow down before heading into a large puddle. Photo: Pirelli

Last week, Pirelli introduced a technology to connect tires at the Lingotto building in Turin, Italy.

Once a Fiat factory from the 1920s to the 1970s, and famous for its rooftop test track, Lingoto is now a small shopping mall and retains its rooftop runway.

During the presentation, Pirelli's high-tech tires, called Cyber ​​Tire, were fitted on an Audi A8 and a Q8 and ran on test track.

When the A8 ran through some puddles, the system sent a "water on the road" warning signal to the connection center via the 5G V2X network, helping the Q8 running in the background to receive information before reaching the puddle.

Lốp ôtô kết nối Internet

Two Pirelli Audi Internet-connected tires ran on a test track on the roof of the Lingotto building last week. Photo: Pirelli

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